Advantages International LLC was incorporated in 1994 in the United States of America. Since then, we have served our clientele worldwide. 

We are dedicated to provide excellent service, confidential and high quality advice. We have entered into local, national and global partnerships with the private and public sector. Our exclusive network includes key partners across all continents.

We provide a myriad of management consulting and professional services across industries, business functions, and continents. 

We help companies and organizations expand globally, and we launch campaigns on behalf of domestic and international commercial ventures. Our combined expertise and decades of experience positions us to be able to quickly understand our client’s particular needs, and address the specific protocols that will yield optimal results. 

We support Chamber of Eco Commerce  partner projects worldwide.

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Our Team and Services

We specialize gathering, organizing, and disseminating information. We create and power community platforms focused on single or multiple industry verticals.

We provide public and private collaboration for hosted and deployed solutions on private company intranets. Access and actions are interactive, with the latest in user friendly interfaces. These interfaces are customized down to the individual and self-administered.  

We create private branded solutions which provide a wide range of revenue generating services. 

Our team

We are diverse in age, nationality, and experience which combined is a united force to be reckoned with. We are empowered to create innovative solutions due to decades of cross-industry experience in developing effective IT and ICT solutions for clients. We focus on improving communication efficiency, developing new processes and methods to engage employees and/or buyers in specific “issues or brands on a regular basis while learning”. 

We help our clients solve problems and find solutions, build brand, sell more products, and provide services. We deliver results that are strategically sound and executable, with a value that is unmatched. Our persistent and tenacious pursuit of industry leading solutions applied to your unique challenges make us a driving force in your long term success now and for your next generation.

Our development team has over two decades of experience developing solutions across a wide-array of industries.  Our team of experts has experience deploying solutions supporting thousands of users with extensive experience in IT solutions; large database design, architecture, .NET, data-warehousing, automation engineering and building custom business intelligence applications. 

Our breakthrough technologies and continued innovation serve our mission of “organizing industry information and bringing it directly to the individual user based on their specific needs and interests” in a dynamic, interactive and collaborative manner.

Integrated Marketing Communications

We have developed unique Integrated Marketing Communication program and media network for sharing competitive intelligence, promoting technology, products, services and tourism. We produce, publish and distribute media news releases and video news releases. We transform innovation excellence into written articles and short movies suitable for international media distribution.

We design and implement media communication strategies for enterprises and organizations. We establish partnerships between organizations, communities and the media. We exploit social media platforms to implement communication strategies. We rely on our partner distribution network for direct outreach, including international media agencies, online networks, and TV stations.

We produce original articles, news and interviews targeting motivated audiences. We are rapidly becoming an acknowledged information source for on-line communities and press journalists. Articles and interviews written by our journalists are of interest to industry professionals and the publishers.

We can align your business with partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Whether you are client, agency or partner we can help you to align your brand for maximum exposure and return. We help our clients launch and manage marketing campaign. We have access to talent and influencers.


Identifying who your customers are, what they think about you and where you should spend your marketing dollars is critical.

Brand Builders

Our team has experience building some of the best known Fortune 100 brands in the world.  We have the knowledge and insight to build your brand, and expertise in launching and relaunching brands in the U.S. and internationally.

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Technology Commercialization

We are a catalyst for accelerating the new-technology transfer and commercializing technology in the U.S. and international market. We advance use of new technology and speed-to-market solutions. Our core business focus is on the downstream end of a commercialization chain, early market introduction, and implementation of solutions.  By setting global direction, and creating opportunities for flexible and strategic international collaboration, we deliver significant value to our clients, and return on investment to investors.

We are a fast growing international network of new technology solution providers, business experts, and investors. We address critical issues and management challenges, to find ways to speed-up technology transfer, to share new-technology risk, and to reduce the time from innovation to the end-user. We implement solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability, and we work together to leverage our resources and mitigate risk.

We initiate and manage partners projects, and implement speed-to-market solutions in collaboration with our partners locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We pool resources to enable effective commercialization of technology through our global network of experts, partners and customers.  

We have a long history of delivering value to customer through technology in diverse industries worldwide. As the global marketplace has grown more complex, we have worked to allow flexibility. There are numerous ways you can work with us. 

Technology-based Management Consulting is our Expertise

Our technology commercialization programs address the business and financial needs of technology entrepreneurs and companies. We offer business planning, market entry and expansion, finance, and intellectual property and technology transfer assistance. We leverage our existing public and private sector resources, as well as those available in the marketplace. During the first development stages of the enterprise our services include, Business Plan Development and Refinement; Product Development; Research; Strategic Initiatives and Formation; Presentation Refinement; Collateral Materials; Executive Presentation, and more. 

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Business Innovation

We believe strongly in the effectiveness of mix of highly experienced professionals. Interaction of our experts, is essential to our success. To achieve our goals, we have formed a unique network of professionals to cover every aspect of our clients’ needs. With our vast knowledge of Technology, Business, PR and Marketing, we are in the perfect position to evaluate a product presence, develop new markets, and bring them to a profitable market place. We lead our clients with knowledge and expertise, and we know how to add value to our clientele.


We foster business Innovation that link technology and investment. Our expertise and experience in business and technology, positions us to be able to quickly understand critical issues and particular needs, and address the specific protocols that will yield optimal results. We help solve problems and contribute to high profile problems in business and society. To achieve our goals, we collaborate with experts and peers across the private and the public sector across industries and continents to accelerate new technology transfer. With our vast knowledge of the critical needs and speed-to-market solutions, we are in the perfect position to evaluate technology and business opportunities, develop new markets, enhance or enlarge existing markets, and bring them to a profitable market place.

We believe strongly in the effectiveness of a “mix” of highly experienced professionals. We enable interaction of experts,  which is essential to the success of our projects and programs. Our Investor Platform achieves efficiency and scale in bringing those seeking to invest in “the next big thing” and with those who can deliver innovations and services which require funding, application, and partners. We serve technology companies seeking customers and investors to expand their business in the U.S. and internationally, and make their innovation a commercial success.

With an independent platform of technology experts, projects, and initiatives, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges presented by new-technology which simply put is to – connect highly motivated innovators, consumers, and investors, to catalyze new business models which transform companies. Our focus is on expanding our portfolio of partner projects worldwide.

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Recruitment and Executive Placement

Since 1994, we have been committed to helping businesses source and hire top technology industry talent. Understanding that businesses today face extraordinary competitive pressure from domestic and international based companies in their marketplaces, the need to focus on their core business competencies forces them to seek expertise in the critical area of attracting top professionals to insure their success.

Our track record of results oriented placements allows our clients to keep their most effective managers dedicated to running their business while we recruit the world class talent required to sustain and grow their companies.

We are an effective and reliable partner, delivering proven results as companies now more than ever face challenges in finding, attracting, and retaining the most talented, top performing professionals.

Our clients trust their most important human assets to the talent acquisition system and our placement satisfaction guarantee insures our commitment to a successful search. Our proven methodology of profiling, evaluating, assessment and collaborating on each placement candidate gives our clients the confidence that their time and resources will be devoted only to the most suitable employment solutions.

Dedicated to the unique, specific requirements of our client, we understand what it takes to identify successful candidates and provide top performers to the hiring manager. We verify and validate all critical credentials and history of performance results.

Trusted alliances with our clients built on results with integrity combined with excellent, time-tested relationships with our candidates is the cornerstone of our success. We offer a wide range of services to meet your professional talent needs and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help you build a workforce of exceptional talent on a local and an international level.

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